Ariana Case Collazzi

Ariana Case Collazzi

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1. Please tell me in your own words what specific things you would like our clients to know about Keller Williams?
Keller Williams is a unique company where our principles are clearly outlined in a few lines. They are as follows:
Explain the specific areas of real estate you specialize in?
I specialize in Residential Real Estate
I help buyers, renters, investors & sellers

2. Please help our clients understand the differences between your agency and others in Boca Raton?
KW East Boca has a gorgeous training facility where professionals come together and share best practices. This emphasis on education is present throughout all Keller Williams offices, but it really shines at our office in East Boca, as we have an incredible team, and a true culture of cooperation.
Our Broker, Andrew Barbar was head of the Florida’s Realtor Association in 2015. Andrew and the rest of the leadership team are as humble and kind as they are accomplished. It is a truly vibrant community of professionals.

3. Share any specific stories that would help our clients understand why they should work with you?
I worked with a client recently who began looking for a home three years prior to us meeting. When my client called me, he was looking to move and shared with me how heartbreaking the process of buying a home had been. I could hear the sadness in his voice, and decided to have him come in later that day. He shared stories of how many realtors didn’t return his calls, and took him to see properties way out of this price range or took him to see homes in school districts that he was not comfortable sending his daughter to. I found him a home after two days of looking.

Anyone can send you a list of properties and open doors for you. It takes a caring professional to listen to your needs & wants and curate a list of homes that fit your families needs.

4. The first question I would ask your realtor is: What’s your communication style?
This may sound like a silly question, but communication is the backbone of any real estate transaction. Many deals fall through, if parties can’t be reached when minor problems arise. If your realtor can’t be reached or doesn’t frequently check his/her email, you could lose out on a lot of opportunities.

This question can also be helpful to prevent future miscommunication. If you’re someone who prefers to talk on the phone to discuss business, it’s important to know if you’ll be able to reach your realtor on the phone (as opposed to only being able to reach them via text or email.) It’s also really a great way to insight into their personality. If they get flustered by this question, maybe they aren’t the easiest person to talk to, or do business with? Based on how they answer this question, you’ll be able to see if you’re a good fit for each other. Finding or selling property is one of the largest transactions most people will ever be involved in their lifetime. It also can be one of the most rewarding and it should be done with someone who you trust, have confidence in, and can have fun with!!!

5. DThe second question I would ask is: Are you a full time Realtor?
I’ve had several clients that came to me after beginning the process of buying or selling a home with a Realtor who has a demanding career… outside of real estate! It’s important to know if your realtor has a second job on nights and weekends. Do your do diligence to make sure that they will be available – when you’re available!

Ariana Case Collazzi
Was born in New York City
Taught for 5 Years (3 years teaching Nursery & Elementary School and Two years teaching writing to Middle School children at a Charter)
Has learned complex problem solving and conflict resolution
Demonstrates and ability to work under pressure in a deadline driven environment
Data analysis
Advanced writing skills
Creative interactive marketing materials
Loves to work with Charitable organizations
When she’s not helping people find the perfect home she can be found:
Training Martial Arts
Enjoying a movie or book
If you or someone you love were looking to buy or sell real estate I would be honored to help them. My goal is to start the transaction as a professional and finish the process as a friend
Real estate has a transformative ability to change people’s lives. It is thrilling to be part of the journey with my clients who humbly let me experience this beautiful journey with them.