Cindy H Carroll

Cindy H Carroll

Address: 165 Middlesex Turnpike, Bedford, MA 01730
Phone: 339-223-9468

Cindy is a registered dietitian and registered nurse and practices as a functional/integrative medicine practitioner. She completed her Bachelor of Science Degree at the University of Maryland Dental School and also Simmons College in Boston. Her Master’s of Science in Nutrition is from Massachusetts General Hospital’s Institute of Health Professions.

I am passionate about my profession and my aim is to communicate that enthusiasm to you so you can take the necessary steps towards a healthier you. I started off in my career as a sports nutritionist and now have a focus in digestive and cardiovascular health. As a nutritionist and a nurse who practices with a more integrative approach, I like to educate my clients about the science behind all the layers of medical information that can be so daunting; but I also enjoy the coaching process to guide you step-by-step to make the changes necessary to become a healthier you. Essentially, I love giving you the tools to live a healthier life. And when I don’t know the answers I will search to point you in the best direction. I have experience with a variety of digestive and cardiovascular conditions including Celiac disease, colitis, IBS, cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and weight control. I also counsel about safe supplement use. Sometimes supplements are helpful to help your body heal or to help certain processes work more efficiently.

She has over 25 years providing nutritional consulting in a variety of settings including as a sports nutritionist. Currently, Cindy has a private practice in Lexington, MA with an expertise in cardiovascular and digestive health. Please visit her website at

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