Dr. Andrew Krinsky

Dr. Andrew Krinsky

Client Questions

1. I looked on your website, now in your own words, please tell our clients the foundation that Femwell Health Group is based on?
Femwell began as a group of OB-GYNs in South Florida committed to the highest quality Women’s Healthcare. We have expanded & are now called Vital MD encompassing over 500 doctors in th4 SE United States. We are also part of of the “Top-line” MD organization. All of these insure through Quality Assurance, Education & Performance & Outcome Managemwent, the best possible healthcare.

2. Explain some of the physical issues you see most often with your patients?
Overweight patients are perhaps our #1 concern. This in turn produces other problems, Diabetes Hypertension< Heart Disease, Joint Injure Arthritis Back Pain. We try to promote healthy living, monitoring of BMI, screening for health issues & educating pout patients to reduce morbidity & mortality.

3. Tell me about some of the most challengingissues you’ve had to deal with and the outcomes?
Geting women to lose weight is an ongoing challenge. We have added a weight loss program, exercise education to our patients & are really seeing fulfilling results. Most recently as I “mature” the age of my patients is increasing as well. We now focus on the issues of the menopause & beyond with an emphasis on wellness & prevention. Early detection of ovarian cancer is an ongoing challenge. I tell my patients “if you don’t think about Ovarian” cancer, We’ll never make a difference in early detection & cure. We screen a little more aggressively then the average physician (screening pelvic ultrasounds) & when we pick up anabnormal finding before we can physically feel something, we are making a lifesaving difference!!!!

4. What are the most important questions a woman should ask a prospective Gynecologist and Menopause Specialist?
What are your physician credentials, training & what does he/she do to stay current. What steps has he taken to increase his proficiency I dealing with the issues of the menopause (I.e. have gone on to become a certified menopause specialist CNMS through NAMS the North Am Menopausal Society. Is your MD still delivering babies, because I truly believe he can not do both & spend the extra time that menopausal patients require.

5. Share with our clients a few things that differentiate you from other Gyn’s?
My training credentials& ongoing training speak for themselves. (also seemy attached CV). Myoffice is devoted to the non-pregnant female. Belonging to a large group gives me the power to negotiate & deal with managed care as well as providing performance measures of the high quality of my care, while enjoying the ability to practice in a personal intimate boutique setting. (no voice mail, personal attention; we treat our patients like family & they recognize that & keep coming!!).