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Dr. Maya Sarkasian

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Doctor Maya Sarkisyan is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Certified NLP and NET Practitioner, Licensed and Nationally Board Certified Diplomate in Acupuncture.

She is an expert in diagnosing and re-patterning both physical and emotional patterns of a health challenge – all in the same care plan. Most of her patients quickly experience positive changes in many areas of their lives.

Her practice is unique as it combines the most effective mind and body healing modalities such as behavioral and emotional healing, acupuncture, functional medicine, nutritional and cellular detoxification, DNA testing and consulting, food sensitivities and GI testing, nutritional planning, and many others. She provides weight loss and maintenance solutions, cosmetic acupuncture and face lift naturally programs, and other complete services.

Doctor Maya provides hands-on services from her clinic in Boca Raton, and also virtually utilizing tools of tele-medicine for consultations and diagnostics. You can find out more about her practice at Dr. Maya Sarkisyan.

Client Questions

1. Please describe for our Satin Wellness High Net Worth Clients the foundation that Doctor Maya Sarkisyanis built upon?
Human body and mind is a powerful system that has outstanding abilities to heal, recreate, and rebuilt itself when certain conditions are met. Doctor Maya is an expert in recognizing complex patterns in physical and emotional health, as well as holistic diagnostics of these patterns using best advances in holistic and biochemical medicine. She presents her patients with complete solutions allowing them to activate self-healing abilities and recover from mind and body discomfort to a healthy state.

2. Please offer information to our Clients on your background and experience regarding Integrative Medicine?
Doctor Maya Sarkisyan is an expert in diagnostics using comprehensive approach incorporating and correcting emotional components in physical and psychological health conditions. She incorporates integrative medicine in her practice to help her patients achieve their goals fastercombining natural medicinewith state-of-the-art scientific advances in modern medicine. She is helping her patients with nutrition, pain managements, neurotransmitter therapy, food sensitivities and gastrointestinal testing, functional and nutritional genetics, and more.
She is a National Board Certified Diplomat of Oriental Medicine and Florida Licensed Acupuncturist trained in USA and China with a wide variety of traditions of Chinese Medicine. She is a certified Master NLP Practitioner, certified NET practitioner, certified Hypnotist specializing in smoking cessation and stress management, acupuncture detoxification & recovery specialist, Medical Qigong practitioner and instructor. Her experience in trauma healing and recovery helped many people to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

3. Share with our Clients a difficult Patient you’ve worked with, how you helped and the end result?
A 32 year old woman was suffering from extreme fatigue and chronic abdominal pain (she had for 17 years) on unknown origin. Due to absence of physical causes of pain and fatigue her psychiatrist prescribed her a cocktail of antidepressants, painkillers, and Adderall. As a result she couldn’t focus, was exhausted, and pain was not relieved. She had 2 very young children she couldn’t take care of and an emotionally abusive husband. She was devastated and hopeless.
I run some tests, performed various kinds of acupuncture, and worked with her on emotional level using effective methods of emotional reconditioning and detoxification. In a course of 2 months first she was completely free of abdominal pain and stopped painkillers. During one year she lowered the dosage and stopped antidepressants and stayed with a very low dose of Adderall. She divorced her abusive husband, found and maintains a job, and raises happy kids. She resolved causes of her depression, healed her past, and resolved issues with her original family. She maintains normal life.
A 38 year old lawyer, depressed, anxious. I helped him to lose weight, eliminate digestive imbalance, and regulate his nutrition. He complained about his negative outlook to life and that he was not paid enough as he was afraid to ask for a raise. After few sessions of behavioral modification he developed appropriately high self-confidence, asked for a raise and got 30% salary increase, health insurance, and vacation days. His relationship with his wife also got much more positive, and he developed a more positive outlook to the world.

4. Please tell us some questions a Client should ask when looking for someone to help them with Integrative Medicine?
It’s often sounds more like complaining:“nothing helps me and doctors are idiots”. People often don’t know the right question to ask when looking for help.
1. I’m not getting better no matter what. Doctors took my blood, did MRIs etcetc and nothing comes up.
2. I’m not feeling like myself lately, and I’m stuck
3. It’s been going on for a long time, no matter what I do – nothing works

5. Describe what separates your practice from others in your space?
I assume you mean “in my profession”.
• I simultaneously utilize the most effective methods of natural medicine and newest methods in biochemical science to diagnose and treat functional and psychosomatic disorders.
• My techniques help patient with emotional breakthrough within minutes, and ultimately can create a solid effect within only a few sessions. It helps in personal and business situations.
• I create complete solution plan based on accurate and thorough holistic diagnostics on physical, mental, and emotional levels.
• I spend hour or more with my patients every time they come, and there is little or no wait time in my clinic.
• I’m an example to my patients – I walk my talk and help them along the way with motivation and other methods to get out of hopelessness and move to success.
• I’m sought for descriptive physiognomy analysis – personal and business matters. There is nobody I know provide such services in our area and only a few people in the world.