Leorah Greenman

Leorah Greenman

Leorah G. Greenman has been an attorney with Frank, Weinberg & Black, PL since she moved to Florida in 2006 and is admitted to practice law in New York and Florida. She manages the Residential Real Estate Department in the Boca Raton office.

She focuses her practice on representing buyers and sellers of residential and commercial real estate in all phases of buy/sell/acquisition/development/financing and leasing.

Leorah is an authorized title agent to national title insurance underwriters such as the Fidelity National Title Insurance Group and Old Republic National Title Insurance Company and a Presidential Circle Award winner at The FUND. She is a Member of the Real Property Probate and Trust Law Section of the Florida Bar. Leorah also provides closing/title services for real estate transaction. Her law firm, Frank Weinberg & Black operates as a title company and does not have a separate title company entity, so clients and customers are assured of having an attorney review of all files.

Leorah graduated from Binghamton University in New York and received her JD from Hofstra University School of Law in 1999.

She is an active Ex-Officio Board Member of the South Palm Beach County Florida Association for Women Lawyers, Member of the South Palm Beach County Bar Association, Member of the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce and active Founding Member of the Boca Raton Chapter of the National Association of Divorce Professionals. She resides in Boca Raton with her husband Michael Friedman and their three children. When not working on real estate transactions, Leorah enjoys spending time with her family, walking, cooking and singing (unprofessionally).

Client Questions

1. Please describe for our Satin Wellness High Net Worth Clients the foundation that Frank, Weinberg and Black is built upon?
The foundation that FWB is built upon is one of providing skilled legal services, excellent customer service, responsiveness and education to our clients in a professional, friendly work environment. The founding partners of FWB come from big law firms where billing was top priority. FWB lawyers and staff are dedicated to providing knowledgeable, affordable legal services to our clients. We focus on informed decision making for clients by discussing the many options, course of actions, and likelihood of success; thereby educating clients to make proper decisions for themselves and toward their goals.

2. Please offer information to our Clients on your background and experience regarding your law practice?
I am a native New Yorker having graduated Hofstra University School of Law. Upon passing the New York Bar Exam in 2000, I litigated in many of the courts of New York for five years before having the opportunity to come to Florida. I passed the Florida Bar Exam and was admitted to practice law in Florida in 2005. Joining FWB shortly after my admission, I found most interest and need in the real estate realm. I have been taught and mentored by the commercial real estate partners in my Firm. I have been trained in both complex commercial real estate such as acquisition, disposition, financing, development on shopping centers, office parks, recreational parks, manufactured home parks and multi-use (residential/commercial development). I am a licensed title agent to National title insurance underwriters and award winning Presidential Circle recipient at The Fund (Attorney’s Title Insurance Fund). I have grown the residential department in the Boca Office of FWB and manage all of the residential files in our Boca office.

3. Share with our Clients a challenging Client you’ve worked with, how you helped and the end result?
One challenge is to know your audience and not every client fits with every lawyer. I can remember one client who did not want to accept any of my recommendations or experience during a transaction. In order to get through the transaction in the best interests of my client, I carefully documented my recommendations, options and thoughts to the client in writing, via email and confirmed in writing his decisions (to the contrary of my recommendations).

Although I believe the process could have been smoother had we been able to work together in a more streamline manner, the client decisions and the success of the transaction is always my ultimate goal. Focusing more on the goal of the transaction and less on the personality of any one party is always best to effectuate success.

4. Please tell us some questions a Client should ask when looking for a Lawyer?
When seeking a real estate attorney, clients should ask if the real estate attorney is a licensed title agent. If so, does the attorney have a separate company for title insurance or does the law firm act as the title agent. When a law firm acts as a title agent you can be assured that an attorney is reviewing your transaction. Especially in residential real estate, the distinction between being legally represented by an attorney and having an attorney performing title/closing services is critical. Lay persons do not even though there is a distinction. It has been my goal for the last 11 years to educate people as to what their best option is for hiring a real estate attorney in residential transactions. Ask your real estate attorney what services they provide for you in a transaction.

5. Describe what separates Frank, Weinberg and Black from others in your space?
FWB attorneys are responsive and available. We follow up and follow through. We are affordable often charging much more reasonable hourly rates then our competitors, while providing knowledgeable legal representation. We practice with skill and heart.