Linda Roberts

Linda Roberts


Linda Roberts is an interior designer and kitchen designer who has specialized in the premium appliance business for over 20 years. A graduate of the Ohio State University with a B.S. in Home Economics, Linda went on to attend a two year Interior Design program in her home town of Columbus, Ohio. After relocating to Florida, Linda’s work in interior design led her to specialize in Kitchen and Bath Design when a client’s home was damaged by Hurricane Andrew. After years in that field, she accepted an opportunity to replace the appliance consultant who had served her design clients for many years.

Architects, Builders, Developers, Designers and their clients rely on Linda to create the perfect combination of style, performance and technology in residential appliances. When she is not in the field consulting with homeowners and project managers, Linda can be found in the Delray Beach showroom of House of Appliances. This 12,000 square foot showroom is a gallery of premium appliances displayed in kitchen vignettes, including a comprehensive display of Sub Zero and Wolf products called “The Living Kitchen”. The east coast of south Florida offers three Living Kitchen locations; and they all belong to House of Appliances, a privately own company established in 1979.

Specializing in private consultations by appointment, Linda begins with a review of the architect or designer’s plans, if any, and follows up with questions designed to hone in on her clients’ lifestyle, needs and goals. Linda then educates them on the various options, explaining and demonstrating the features and benefits of each appliance and preparing the clients to make their own educated decision. Linda is involved from product selection and preparation of appliance specifications for the design and construction team; through delivery and installation, followed by an in-home tutorial on the appliances, if needed.

Linda has also used her training and experience to design two appliance showrooms. Her background makes Linda uniquely qualified to help homeowners, members of the trade and their clients to find the perfect solution to their appliance needs.

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To make an appointment for a consultation with Linda Roberts, please call 800-278-2299 or email her at

Client Questions

1. Please describe for our Clients the foundation that House of Appliances is built upon?
The success of House of Appliances (HOA) is based on our motto: “Customer Satisfaction is the House Rule”. We work with our clients from appliance selection through delivery, installation and beyond. The post-delivery follow-up includes in home tutorials, as needed, to make the homeowner comfortable with their new equipment.

2. Please offer information to our Clients on your experience with House of Appliances?
My career as an Appliance Specialist began in 1995 with one of our competitors. I returned to the East coast of Florida from Sarasota in 2003 and made the switch to House of Appliances. I chose HOA because they are a privately owned company with an excellent reputation in the industry. I became the Showroom Manager and in 2008 used my design training to create the display vignettes for our showroom expansion and renovation. In 2016 I gave up my managerial duties to focus on selling and taking care of my clients.

3. Share with our Clients a challenging Client you’ve worked with, how you helped and the end result?
There isn’t a particular client that stands out as a challenge. Building or renovating a home or kitchen can be daunting for many of my clients. I begin the process by getting to know the client and their needs and goals. Then I educate them on the products and let them make the final decision. I pay great attention to details and explain the process of ordering, delivery and installation, so there are very few surprises and less anxiety. If a client has an issue or concern, I listen carefully to them and work to find a satisfactory conclusion.

4. Please tell us some questions a Client should ask when looking for an Appliance Reseller?
After 21 years in the appliance business, most of my clients are referred to me by a family member, friend, architect, builder, kitchen designer or cabinetmaker. What they should look for is found in the answer to the question below.

5. Describe what separates House of Appliances from other Appliance Resellers?
House of Appliances has been serving South Florida since 1979. We are a privately owned company with our own in-house delivery and installation teams, so we have control of the experience from beginning to end. Our Delray Beach showroom (where you will find me) is a 12,000 square foot gallery of high-end appliances displayed in beautiful kitchen vignettes; and our smaller Juno Beach and Coral Gables showrooms are currently undergoing expansion and renovation. For our knowledgeable and experienced sales, installation and support staff “Customer satisfaction is the house rule”.