Lynn Ottimer

Client Questions

1. Please describe for our Satin Wellness High Net Worth Clients the foundation that The Mortgage Firm is built upon?
The Mortgage Firm has been helping buyers achieve the American Dream of home ownership since 1995. High Net Worth borrowers can have unique borrowing needs. We have access to a full range of mortgage sources and all of the lending specialists are dedicated to find the right loan with the best rate, terms and cost to meet the borrower’s unique needs. But that’s just the beginning, throughout the lending process, our talented, committedand eager staff will provide regular updates and progress reports so borrowers know exactly where they stand, whether it’sin person, by phone or online.We understand that borrower endorsements and referrals are key to building our business. Our motto is, “Creating clients for life, one loan at a time!”

2. Please offer information to our clients on your background and experience?
For more than 20 years I have helped over 1500 borrowers close loans in both residential and commercial properties. These mortgages Includes conventional lending, FHA, VA, jumbo loans and also small commercial. This work includes purchases and refinances. I am licensed as a loan originator in the state of Florida and have met national licensingstandards required by Federal regulations under the Dodd Frank Bill.

Specialties Include: Residential financing for purchases and refinances, financing for real estate investors, and reverse mortgages.

I am licensed in the state of Florida and offer my help to prospective buyers mostly in the south Florida area of Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties. We conveniently offer office Location in Fort Lauderdale and Boynton Beach, Florida.

3. Share with our Clients a difficult Client you’ve worked with, how you helped and the end result?
Recently a single mother was looking for home for herself and her daughter that is located in a safe, family neighborhood near to good schools and, at an affordable price. In today’s market of a shortage of affordable housing and finding that one suitable home for a borrower who has limited financial resources and high expectations is very challenging. After months of looking and making offers on homes, we finally found one that met most of her requirements. One big challenge we encountered was that the property had repair problems that precluded it from being able to get homeowner’s insurance. After all this work, this made the borrower question whether she should go thru with the purchase. Together with the buyers realtor we negotiated with the seller to make the improvements needed at no additional cost to the buyer. This included coordinating with the seller’s realtor, the home inspector, repaircontractors, and the insurance agent to make sure that the repairs were done in a safe and workman-like manner so the property could be insured and the loan could close. We remained transparent to the buyer throughout this coordinated effort. The outcome was that she had confidence that the house with the repairs that were agreed upon would be suitable for her and her daughter. Without this close communication the file would have been declined for inability to secure homeowner insurance and the borrower would be without the home she needed for her and her daughter.

4. Please tell our Clients some questions they should ask when looking for a Mortgage Company?
-What is your experience as a mortgage lending company and in particular, mortgage consultant originating loans?
-What makes the help you can provide me different from your competitors?
-What can I afford?
-How long will it take to close?
-What are my down payment and closing costs?
-What are my estimated monthly payments?
-What factors impact what I can afford?

5. Describe what separates The Mortgage Firm from other Mortgage Companies?
The Mortgage Firm is a company that hires seasoned loan originators who are self-starters and understand how to grow their own book of business. The Mortgage firm has a commitment to excellence in the marketplace. We have the expertise and the lending programs to make the best mortgage solutions tailored to the unique needs of borrowers.