Palm Beach Island Cats

Palm Beach Island Cats

Client Questions

1. Palm Beach, like most towns, is home to hundreds of community cats. They all can be traced back to an irresponsible person dumping a pet cat out on the street. The work of Palm Beach Island Cats Inc. (PBIC) has shown that the best way to control the cat population and protect public health is through TNR(trap neuter and return). We actually trap, neuter, vaccinate, microchip, return and maintain.Last year we fed 65,000 cans of cat food and 11,00 lbs. of dry food. In 2016 we had only 10 kittens born from our 520 cats and they were all domesticated and adopted into homes. In 8 years, we have seen a 30% drop in the cat population through attrition. Palm Beach no longer faces an exploding population of hungry and sometimes ill cats. We are the Town authorized program and our municipal government acknowledges that PBIC has solved a 100-year-old problem.

2. I have a history of fostering seized fighting dogs forthe Chester County SPCA in West Chester, Pa. I have provided a home for dogs and cats in need for 47 years. I have worked atTalbot Humane in Easton, Md. training dogs and staff. I have trained dogs at Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control as well as Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League in West Palm Beach, Fl. I have been president of PBIC for 8 years. My background as an elected official as well as managing subcontractors when I was a builder, have given me the skills to manage this town serving humane program.

3. Our first priority is protecting public health through rabies vaccinations. A close second is keeping the cats safe, healthy and hidden as well as stopping population growth. Our success is built on respecting property rights and responding promptly to resident concerns.

4. All of us see problems every day and we feel powerless to fix them. PBIC saw a problem right on our doorstep and pitched in and solved it. The success of our program separates PBIC from all other TNR groups I know about. Our cat population is slowly dropping, noisy breeding behavior has stopped, the cats are less visible and they are healthier. We are the rare success in this field because the program is well managed and because we spend the money to properly maintain the cats once they have been sterilized. PBIC is a model program for the nation, proving that TNR works.