Rosemary Nixon

Rosemary Nixon

As an innovator, Rosemary believes in our ability to create whatever we want in our lives, but sometimes people need help doing that. She coaches people in creating a retirement plan that covers creating new careers, maintaining health and wellness, leisure and social choices, personal development, relationships and where to retire. She brings 37 years of planning experience in government, non-profits, and as a commercial banker and financial advisor for Ameriprise Financial. She has been successful in creating five careers for herself, and has retired twice to create new ventures. Rosemary has undergraduate and graduate degrees from Northeastern University in Political Science and Public Administration as well as an MBA in Finance and Organizational Development from the University of Hartford.

Rosemary is a CERTIFIED RETIREMENT COACH with Retirement Options, the leader in Retirement Assessment, Life planning and Training for the practice of non-financial preparation for retirement. Retirement Options is a subsidiary of Career Partners International, a global career management consultant.

She is also the founder of a new nonprofit called Encore of Palm Beach County, The purpose of Encore is to connect over-50 adults to new work, paid and volunteer.

Contact Rosemary:, or 561-706-5338.

Client Questions

1. Please describe for our Clients the foundation that Create Your Best Retirement is built upon ?
Currently 10,000 people turn 65 every day in this country and will for many years to come. Most receive little or no counseling on how to prepare for a retirement that could last 20-30 years. Numerous studies by respected organizations such as the Transamerica Center for Retirement Research, and the Boston College Center for Retirement Research have all documented the need people have to replace in retirement the benefits that work offered: meaning, identity, a sense of accomplishment, organization of time, friendships as well as the need to earn additional income in many cases. The Stanford Center on Longevity has done extensive study on the need for social engagement pre- and post-retirement as one of the factors in healthy aging. Addressing those needs in a plan that covers the 6 core areas of life in retirement: career and work, health and wellness, finances and insurance, family and relationships, leisure and social, and personal development is the desired outcome in retirement coaching. Even if people had a plan prior to retirement it may need revision, particularly for couples who may not have anticipated all the challenges for their relationship in retirement..

2. Please offer information to our Clients on your background and experience regarding Retirement Coaching?
For 12 years prior to my retirement from Ameriprise Financial, I was a financial advisor helping people develop financial plans and strategies to reach their various life goals, including retirement. However, I saw that most of my clients really had no idea of what they wanted to experience in their retirement. They were just trying to save and invest as much as they could. Most financial advisors do not have the time, nor are they compensated, to spend the time necessary to help clients think this through. So, when I retired, I became certified as a retirement coach with Retirement Options, founded in 1989 by Dr. Richard Johnson, a nationally recognized spokesperson in the field of retirement planning. Retirement Options is the industry leader in retirement assessment tools that gauge a client’s readiness for retirement. These information gathering tools are similar to those I used with Ameriprise clients and are a more scientific way of helping clients access feelings and concerns about retirement. Once the client and I have reviewed the results of the assessment then we can develop the steps to achieving goals through a series of one hour coaching sessions. In addition to my experience working with clients at Ameriprise, I have 30 years experience in planning and development of goals and objectives with cities, nonprofits, business owners and community organizations.

3. Share with our Clients a challenging Client you’ve worked with, how you helped and the end result?
Every client presents unique challenges, but one woman I worked with was the owner of a major construction firm that had been in her family for many years. She was struggling with the fact that work commitments had taken up so much of her time that she couldn’t think about retirement even though she very much wanted a less hectic life style, sort of a semi-retirement. She also had guilt about leaving the business her father had developed and left to her. She also wanted to spend more time with a new partner. After taking the diagnostic assessments to organize her thoughts, anxieties and desires, through coaching she stopped taking new opportunities to build houses and transitioned to a business installing doors and windows, much less time consuming, as well as having more time for family and friends, while continuing to save and invest for full-time retirement. Often the answers are within; but people need support to make the changes.

4. Please tell us some questions a Client should ask when looking for a Retirement Coach?
People tend to ask about fees and time commitments of the coaching process, but not about the diagnostic tools used to help organize their thoughts, and the extent to which the coach has personal experience of the issues of retirement themselves or their personal philosophy about life transitions. My coaching practice is based on the fundamental belief that we all have the power to create new things in our lives, we just may need a little guidance. If you don’t have that as your underlying belief system, you can’t bring it to others.

5. Describe what separates Create Your Best Retirement from others in your space?
I am the only retirement coach in this area certified by Retirement Options, although there are others in other parts of Florida. Most coaches I’ve met are life coaches, health and nutrition coaches, job coaches; none focus on the range of retirement issues in depth that our program does. More than that I can identify financial issues that clients need to bring to a financial advisor; I have personally experienced most retirement issues and events myself so I can speak from personal experience which younger people cannot do; and my experience in creating five careers for myself demonstrates an understanding of the creative process.