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In Home Personal Training for people over 50, since 1991


Satin Wellness experienced Personal Trainers work with people, especially over 50, in their homes in Boston, MA, South Shore, Cape Cod and Palm Beach, FL.

Our in-home Personal Trainers incorporate a proprietary and scientifically proven strength training method, LROME™ (Limited Range of Motion Exercise) when working with you.  LROME™ increases everyones strength in a safe and effective way. Our programs assist in improving joint strength, flexibility, pain reduction and increases balance to reduce falls.

Step 1: All new clients go through a 14-point benchmark Strength and Flexibility Assessment. The Assessment helps us to understand where all of your strengths and challenges are located.

Step 2: Our Personal Trainers come to your home with an individualized LROME™ program in hand and your sessions begin. All of the focus and attention is only on you.

Step 3: We'll also design an exercise program for you to follow when you're on your own.  We have developed tools to help you stay compliant and complete the exercises.

Imagine having an experienced Personal Trainer come to your home at a time that's best for you with all of the equipment required to take you through a one hour session?  Your session fits your lifestyle. The proper amount of exercises is based on your fitness level.   Never too hard or too easy, just right.

The more often you work with your Personal Trainer, the faster you'll see results.  All exercises you'll perform focus on specific areas of your body that require the most attention.  Once improvement is seen in those areas, then the other areas can be isolated.

Your safety is our #1 concern, having an enjoyable session is #2 and reaching your goals is #3.

*Disclaimer – Results may vary from person to person. To see more testimonials click here

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