Personal Training Online,
On Your Time

Have you ever thought of having an experienced Personal Trainer who comes to your home or office at a day and time that is best for you or any family member?  We’ve been doing just that since 1991.

Since 2009, we provide Personal Training via your preferred web based video conferencing services (Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime or others).  If you are new to this technology, we will help you get started. 

Enjoy the luxury of receiving a package with all of the equipment you’ll need to get started to improve your strength and fitness.  Next, you’ll meet with your own Personal Trainer online in the convenience of your home at a time that is best for you.

We eliminate trips to a crowded gym, no intimidation or feeling out of your element.  We shift the focus entirely to you and your fitness goals in the comfort of your home.  

What Makes Our Satin Wellness Virtual Personal Trainers Unique?

Since 1991, Satin Wellness experienced Virtual Personal Trainers have provided in-home personal training services to people age 50 to 100.  In response to the global health concerns, we have successfully transitioned to working with people via the web, still in the comfort of their homes. We’re able to still “come to you” just like we’ve always done.

With all clients, our Virtual Personal Trainers incorporate a proprietary and scientifically proven strength training method, LROME™ (Limited Range of Motion Exercise). LROME™ is the safest and most individualized strength training method ever developed.  All strength exercises are focused and developed just for you. Your hourly sessions are not classes or boot camps.  

You can relax and enjoy your Virtual Personal Trainer’s undivided attention.  

As your strength, balance and coordination improves, you will feel much younger.

Your Exercise Program Begins by
Finding Your Strengths and Challenges

Before any exercising begins, you should know where your muscles and joints are strong and where any challenges you are dealing with are located.  Especially if you have any injuries or discomfort.  

One of our Senior Personal Trainers will conduct a 14-point online benchmark Assessment.  The Assessment finds any physical inconsistencies that could lead to ongoing or increased discomfort.  The findings help us to design an individualized program based solely on your requirements. With this information in mind, the program we develop for you will concentrate on exercises that are appropriate. There is never any guesswork. The focus and attention is always solely on you. We meet you online at a time that is best for you and go through a one hour session that includes the following:

  • A program designed to fit your busy lifestyle
  • Exercises based on your fitness level
  • A program developed to improve your muscles, bones, flexibility and joint strength.  There is no wasted time
  • Your program is designed to strengthen your body and reduce any discomfort
  • Balance exercises are incorporated to improve confidence and reduce falls

Look No Further To Find Your Experienced Personal Trainer.

Success Stories

Watch the following videos to see how five clients have overcome their health challenges

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