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Welcome to Satin Wellness, the online Virtual Personal Training company.  At Satin Wellness, we always put your needs first to help you reach your goals.

You have your own unique health requirements, no one is the same and since 1991, we’ve worked with over 600 clients to develop specific programs that help meet each particular need.  

Here are some of the results you’ll see:

  • Improved strength
  • Improved balance
  • Reduced discomfort from neck, shoulders, back, hips and knees
  • Improved posture
  • Better ability to walk and move
  • Increased confidence
  • Feel younger

We offer Personal Training exclusively online using web-based technology and we use the most common platforms (Zoom, Google Duo, Facetime or Skype).  If you need help getting started with one of these online platforms, they’re all easy.  Let me know and I’ll walk you through it.

To become a client of Satin Wellness, there are 3 easy steps to get started:

  1. We’ll have a conversation to assess your specific requirements and goals
  2. I’ll conduct a virtual strength assessment with you to find the most important areas we’ll need to focus on
  3. You’ll meet with your experienced Personal Trainer online at a time that is best for you

After 3 decades our clients tell us the things they like the most about working with us is that they don’t have to go to a crowded gym, there’s no intimidation and they never feel out of their element.

We shift the focus entirely to you and your fitness goals in the comfort of your home.

We look forward to working with you and helping you get stronger and feel younger

What Makes Our Satin Wellness Virtual Personal Trainers Unique?

Since 1991, Satin Wellness experienced Personal Trainers provided in-home personal training services to people age 50 to 100.

In response to the global health concerns, we have successfully transitioned to working with people via the web, still in the comfort of their homes. We’re able to still “come to you” just like we’ve always done.

Our Virtual Personal Trainers incorporate a proprietary and scientifically proven strength training method, LROME™ (Limited Range of Motion Exercise). LROME™ is the safest and most individualized strength training method ever developed.  

Each strength exercise you perform is developed just for you. Your session will teach you how to strengthen your muscles and joints while focusing only on those muscles and joints.

You can relax and enjoy your Personal Trainer’s undivided attention.

As your strength, balance, flexibility and coordination improves, you will feel much stronger, younger and pain-free.

A 29-year client talks about how working virtually has helped him to overcome his health challenge

Where Are Your Strengths and Challenges?

Before you start exercising, you should know the areas of your body (muscles, bones and joints) that are strong and any areas that might be challenged.  

To learn the areas, your Personal Trainer will take you through a 14-point online benchmark Assessment.  The Assessment finds any physical inconsistencies that could lead to ongoing or increased discomfort.  

The findings help us design your individualized program that is based solely on your requirements. With this information in mind, the program we develop will concentrate on exercises that are appropriate for you. There is never any guesswork or “do this exercise”. We will explain exactly why you need to do a particular exercise.  

The focus and attention is always solely on you. We meet you online at a time that is best and go through a one hour session that includes the following:

  • Your program is designed to fit your lifestyle
  • Each exercise is based on your fitness level
  • Your exercises and program is developed to improve your muscles, bones, flexibility and joint strength
  • Your program is designed to strengthen your body and reduce any discomfort
  • You’ll learn balance exercises to improve confidence and reduce the risk of falling

Clients Talk About Their Experiences with Virtual Training

See clients discuss how they are improving their strength using LROME™ (Limited Range of Motion Exercise)

Meet Our Team of Senior Wellness Specialists

All Wellness Specialists are degreed in an Exercise based foundation. They are laser focused on your health, strength and well-being.  Our Senior Wellness Specialists are trained and re-certified yearly in the LROME™ strength training method.

As a team, all Specialists meet weekly via video to discuss how best to help each client meet their specific requirements and improve in the most safe manner.  You have a team working together to help you get the most from each session, so it’s not just one person working with you.  

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