Industry Leading 14-Point Strength Assessment

Why do you need a Strength Assessment before beginning an exercise program?

With our industry leading 14-point Strength Assessment, you will learn the areas of your body that are already strong and more importantly, you will know any areas of your body that need to be strengthened.

Your 14-point Strength Assessment will include a thorough analysis of each major joint (area) while measuring your strength. The Assessment is not difficult.  It is the best way to find out where we need to focus during your sessions, rather than guessing. We measure your strength; from head to toe.  If you have an issue with your body, the Assessment can find it and help you improve it, quickly. That is why an Assessment before you start any exercise program is so important.

Our experienced Senior Wellness Specialists know that you are different than everyone else and your exercise program will be based on your specific needs and requirements.

Each person has different goals, requirements and rehabilitation needs. Thus the importance of knowing where your strengths and challenges are located.

Your first step before beginning any exercise program is your Strength Assessment. It helps us to understand any challenges you might be facing.

A Strength Assessment is important and allow a simple analogy. Would you keep driving a car for 50+ years without having it checked by a mechanic?  Of course you would not and the reasons are obvious; in time, things wear out. The same thing happens to all of us.

As we age, Sarcopenia or the degenerative loss of muscle and bone occurs in the body.  You could lose as much as 10% of your muscle and bone per decade and it starts at the age of 25. That means, if you are 50, you may have already lost 25% of your muscle and bone. If you are 75, you may have lost up to 50% of your muscle and bone.

There is one thing that’ll stop Sarcopenia and that’s strength or resistance training.  Not only does strength training stop Sarcopenia, it REVERSES it.  Strength training is the fastest and safest way to stop the effects of Sarcopenia.


Why is so much information required?

The information from your Assessment informs the ongoing In-Home Personal Training sessions. The more knowledge we have about an issue, the sooner we can assist in reducing the effects on you.

Our reasoning behind the specific benchmarks is our experience working with over 400 clients in Massachusetts and Florida. Each has a specific area that needs to be corrected to make sure the entire chain functions correctly.

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