Ben Satin

Senior Virtual Wellness and Rehabilitation Specialist

Contact Ben at 508-341-6697 or email  –

Ben Satin has lived and trained using LROME™ from the age of 13.  He had multiple and major surgeries on each elbow from playing organized sports (hockey and lacrosse).  Orthopedic Surgeons told him that he’d never be able play again.

After using LROME™ for 8 months he was cleared, came back and was able to continue his career.

The catastrophic injuries gave Ben a quest to learn more about the human body, how it works and followed up going to school and completing his degree.

He’s excited everyday to help his clients learn more about how their body moves and how to improve their strength using LROME™.

LROME™ is a proprietary and scientifically proven strength training methodology developed that focuses on strengthening specifically challenged muscle groups, is safer to use than full range of motion exercises and eliminates momentum and that makes LROME™ safer on joints and muscles. LROME™ was developed in 1981 by Steve Satin and is being used by over 600 people to increase muscle strength in a safe and effective way. It focuses on specific muscle groups and limits the risks normally associated with larger movements.


  • 2013 – Dean College
  • 2021 – LROME™ Certified Wellness Specialist
  • 2021 – CPR –American Heart Association