Karyn Gallivan

Senior Wellness Specialist

| Bristol, Barrington, Providence, and Warren, RI|
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Karyn is an Athletic Trainer and certified LROME™ Specialist with over 25 years of experience in all applications of Sports Medicine including traditional athletic training in school and clinical settings, strength & conditioning, teaching, and especially, personal fitness training. She is currently an Instructor in the Sports & Health Sciences Department for American Public University System, and a continuing education instructor.

Karyn focuses her practice on individuals over 40 with metabolic disease and post-rehab issues. She works to educate people by using a balanced approach to design safe and effective programs that will lead to an enhanced level of health and fitness. With international speaking experience, Karyn currently focuses her seminar efforts on continuing education for rehabilitation and fitness professionals. She brings a passion and enthusiasm to both her presentations and her personal training.