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5 Things to Look for in a Personal Trainer

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1. Relationship:
This is one of the most important attributes to look for in a local Personal Trainer. Since you’re going to be working closely with a Trainer, you want to feel a strong comfort level and a good fit to your personality. If you’re a quiet person, you may want the same type of person to work with and not someone that tends to yell. A trusting working relationship with your local Personal Trainer is key to long-term success.

2. Experience:
Working with someone who has experience with helping their clients overcome whatever issue you may be facing is very important. It’d be like going to see a Foot Doctor when you have an issue with your shoulder. You might look for someone that has the experience working with someone like you. A well rounded Personal Trainer can tap into their experience to make your experience productive.

3. Specialization:
Trainers can’t be everything to everyone. If you’re looking to lose weight the best place to start might be working with an expert on nutrition. That would be a Doctor of Nutrition instead of someone who’s taken a weekend course. The same goes when working with a Personal Trainer in Boston. Having the specialization in a specific area can increase your odds of seeing an impact and improvement.

4. Communication:
You’re going to be working closely with your in-home Personal Trainer and communication is key to making your time worthwhile. You might want someone who has similar thoughts, ideas and ideals as you do. Have a list of your requirements and expectations ready for your first conversation. Come prepared with a list just like you would when meeting a Doctor for the first time. “These are my must haves and don’t wants” provides clarity for you and your Personal Trainer.

5. Credentials:
Many Trainers have Certifications and that’s very important, especially if the Trainer doesn’t have much experience. A much smaller group of Trainers have full college Bachelor’s Degrees in specialties like Exercise Physiology. Combine certification or college degree with a depth of experience and you’re on the right track. Trainers that bring you knowledge plus experience are prepared to help you meet your goals.

These 5 things to look for in a Personal Trainer will help lead you to make the best choice for you.