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Ouch, I Need to Stop my Aching Back!

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Ouch, I Need to Stop my Aching Back!

The University of Maryland Medical Center states that at least 60 to 80% of Americans have lower back pain sometime in their lives.  That’s about 30 million people experiencing lower back pain at any one time.  Over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients with this issue.  Our goal begins the same approach with everyone, reduce their discomfort and then teach them how to lower the risk of lower back pain returning.

The best way to immediately reduce discomfort is to stretch specific muscle groups.  The muscles that contribute to low back pain when they are tight include the gluteals, hamstrings and lower back.  Knowing the right stretches is your key to getting on the right track.  Whenever you sit or stand increase your posture by holding in your abdominals.  Then add two important stretches for your gluteals and hamstrings shown in the pictures below.  When your pain is acute, do the following stretches 4 times per week until you feel relief.  See the pictures below:

       Seated Gluteal Stretch                                     Standing Hamstring Stretch


Once the initial pain is under control, the second step is to strengthen the lower back.  Like any other muscle in the body, you must strengthen the muscles to keep them from being challenged and causing recurring pain.  All you need is a simple strengthening exercise to reduce lingering pain and improve how your body moves.  See the pictures below:

Lying Hyperextension                                                      Seated Perfect Posture


Above all, remember exercise helps you resume the activities you enjoy and lead the life you want.   Low back pain does not need to be a life sentence, embrace this stretching and strengthening duo and you’ll be back in in control!