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Resistance makes you strong

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When you hear the term strength training what comes to mind?   Images of lifting big heavy weights or grunting and straining to push a gigantic bar in the air may come to mind.  Or you may think of muscle competitions with men and women with overly defined bodies, greased up for a competition.    For the average person, strength training has other important meanings.

Let’s explore why strength training is important.  Strength training is the strategic use of weights to put a specific amount of resistance against bone and connective tissue.  Connective tissue is a term that describes the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the body.  Each muscle, tendon and ligament is of critical importance to keep you strong as you age.  Muscles pull on bones and when the bones get pulled on, they increase both their size and resilience.    This translates to keeping you strong to do the things you want as you age.

Sarcopenia is a medical term that describes the reduction of muscle and bone as we age.  Beginning at age 25, each decade a person loses up to 10% of their muscle and bone density.  The fastest way to reduce the risk of Sarcopenia is by using resistance exercises.  Resistance exercise is another name for strength training.  When you strength train you significantly reduce the risk of muscle and bone loss.

Most of all, strength training gives you back the quality of life you desire.  With strength trainingyou’ll be able to get on the floor to play with your grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and also get back up.  Strength training keeps you strong to be able to climb stairs, reach down to pick something up, walk with ease, and play golf or tennis for as long as you want. Your body is an amazing vehicle, keep up with your strength training and it will reward you with years of vitality.